My Den

I am who I am

If life seemed as easy as I had thought while growing up?Of course, I don’t want to be happy all the time. I want to enjoy every instance and accept my emotions;I don’t care if you think I am weak because I cry far too easily and smile or laugh the very next minute.You can’t predict me unless you’ve tried living with me. Then also, I bet it is a million dollar question.

Love being who I am right now, No regrets being myself. There is always space for self-guilt or regret but that’s the impact of wrong choices or decisions I’ve made in this journey of life.Image

Get hold of yourself, forget about things or stuff that bothers you and enjoy living every moment being yourself. Fake life or behavior doesn’t do real good.

Welcome to life full of adventures with something to laugh at, smile for, cry for and get angry about or be confused about and so on.

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