Untold Stories

Judge a book

I wonder the factual or hypothetical or phenomenal or whichever suits the mindset of a individual to judge a book be it the cover image or the author.

How can our expectations and false implications justify someone’s thorough work of thoughts.

My first book happened to be a piece of cake work apart from the time and the passion i felt while writing. My publisher took care of everything and all I got to do was promote in my own ways, share in the social media and try my luck out. It worked pretty good.

I got mixed notions and reviews from the readers. For some, it was all about the book cover that was appealing even after they were done with the book. For the rest, a blend of both and for others, it was pure justification of the deep insight of my thoughts.

Perception differs from time to time and from one to another. My second book sales are pretty slow though the story line and my work seems to be taking its charm. Its out there on amazon but I all get is judge the book by its cover.


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