Untold Stories

The Untold Story of a Gentleman


The unusual day, when things seem to go my way but in vain. Nothing seemed in place and everything felt apart leaving me unfixed. I had to gather parts of my life events that eventually turned out to worsen for who I was becoming in no time. People called me “Bogan”. I knew my life meant much more worthy than being treated the way I was being;

I wouldn’t blame anyone for that matter, not even myself. I had to actually question myself for all the stuff that costed me. For quite sometime, I denied the fact about me being the sole reason for my life to end up so empty;

The girl I loved, I lost her in no time & the job i enjoyed, long gone & never gave enough for any relationship to bond.I was all alone. The decisions I made were beyond reasoning.  Time to grab my gear!!!! I couldn’t….

“How can anyone live so easily with the thickest fear of being a loner when you have a family in the world, so dear they are?”…..

Inner soul that touched my heart, when I heard a gentleman share his part of life he never wanted to let go; While many think they do not have answers for their life, here is the man who has answers for the events that tore his life apart and wanna go back to get his life in shape!!! Wish him the best……

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